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September 2008

  • Jas Eckard: Concludes his bash shell scripting for newbies sessions
  • Jarad Sutton: pxe/tftp/iscsi/thin client/kiosk goodness
  • Kevin Jones: Free Linux PC
  • David Nalley: Kiosk using SELinux/CentOS/Fedora/RHEL/xguest

August 2008

  • Jas Eckard: Bash Scripting for Newbies
  • Software Freedom Day, FLPC, and the Southeast Linuxfest

July 2008

  • Jas Eckard: Bash Scripting for Newbies
  • Hotness Lightning Talks
    • Vaughn: Zoneminder, pfsense, trixbox, and/or smeserver
    • David: func, cobbler, and/or BackupPC
    • Eric: dtach, perl -pi -e
    • Jeremy: MythTV

June 2008

  • Jas Eckard: Continues his bash shell scripting for newbies tutorial
  • Allen Valliencourt of FGPTech.

May 2008

  • Jas Eckard: Bash shell scripting for newbies
  • Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon speaks about the linux gaming industry.

February 2008

  • Google employee Ken Wehr


December 2007

  • Wes Yates gives a talk on how to build redhat-based bootable, custom install cdrom images using isolinux.

November 2007

  • Open discussion as main speaker could not make it to the meeting.

October 2007

  • David Nalley - Introduction to kernel compiling.

September 2007

  • Eric Wood will be facilitating an interactive discussion about Linux networking and WRT-based wireless access points.

August 2007

  • Frank Mobley from Immedion will be telling us about the opening of Greenville's first data center.
  • Andrew Armstrong Will Be Speaking about VMware, specifically dealing with DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) and heartbeat for clustering applications.

July 2007

  • Sapna Kumar, Esq. Will be focusing on GPL, enforcement, licensing issues etc

June 2007

  • Dr. Tom Holt of the University of North Carolina Charlotte will be joining us to talk about some of the happenings and culture in the underworld of the internet and specifically within white collar crimes.