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At our 2014, August 12 meeting, UCLUG had a "Swap Meet". This was composed of a hardware swap meet, where members brought computer hardware to pass around, and a "software swap meet" where everyone talked about various programs.

Although there was no video or audio of this meeting recorded, Jas recorded the meeting via script. He allowed ssh access to his laptop, then issued:

script -tswapmeet.timing swapmeet.script

This created 2 files: swapmeet.script, which is a script file that records what is being displayed on the terminal, and swapmeet.timing, a script timing file which is used by scriptreplay to replay the script at the same pace it was recorded. To replay this session,

scriptreplay -tswapmeet.timing swapmeet.script

You can also add -d to play it back faster or slower.

All members who connected via ssh were able to multi-attach to the screen session by executing:

screen -x swap_meet