Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group

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Who We Are

UCLUG is a group of Linux and Open Source Software enthusiasts located in the Upstate of SC. We share educational and social discussions on a variety of issues including but not limited to: desktop Linux, enterprise Linux, programming, information security, embedded devices, devops, networking, and system administration.

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Where We Meet

UCLUG meets at OpenWorks: 101 N Main St, Greenville, SC (Enter from 3rd floor of Richardson Street Parking Deck)

Can't be there in person? Join us on Jitsi:

We also have an active mailing list hosted by Google Groups

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Next Meeting

This month's meeting on Oct 10 will be presented by Eric Anderson: NuShell. Eric will give a short demo of the new shell he's discovered called "NuShell", which apparently has some different ideas about pipes and filters, as I understand it. It apparently sends "structured data" instead of "plaintext". After that, Jas will show a few non-default tricks with Bash. If you have knowledge of other shells like zsh, fish, or rc, and would be willing to show a couple things that make those shells interesting, bring your laptop!

Upcoming monthly meetings:

  • November 14: Tim Fowler, The cyber security posture of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites
  • December 12: David Nalley: Thoughts on Licensing

Also, Thursday, Oct 12 is HackGreenville Nights, a chance for all Upstate tech groups to get together:

"Furman Tower and Mountains" by mikemac29

Say Hello.

If you have Linux or Open Source questions, we recommend trying our mailing list first.

If you want more info about UCLUG itself, drop us a line. Our address is the fifth word in the prior sentence at our domain name. :)

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